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We have very special skills in CATV and RF. We have people who come from the Cable TV and industry and with many years of designing and installing broadband infrastructure equipment and entertainment transmission systems. In fact, we are working with “Get Well TV” from San Diego on a new patient entertainment and Internet bedside service that is very well received. We are installing in several hospitals today.

As an active provider of products and services, our facilities meet all requisite quality standards such as ISO 9002, CENELEC, UL, NCTA, Cable Labs and SCTE.

Success hinges ultimately on experience, and we have the professional team that understands broadband communications and network architecture. We've installed many networks that include Headends and RF backbone systems for customers such as Charter Communications, Avenue Cable, LAUSD, DreamWorks and others.

Our CCTV experience includes the following:

• Network design and management
• Analog and Digital video transport
• Headend signal processing
• Optical Headend transport
• RF Amplifiers and passives
• Cable Modem Termination System
• Analog and Digital Satellite Systems
• RF Backbone installation and support
• Closed Circuit Television
• Combiners, Splitters, LNB and Antennas
• Fiber Optic and Coax cable