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We have significant strengths and history in wiring, fiber optic and coax installations for data networks, voice systems and RF video installations. We have performed many system reviews and testing suites to insure infrastructure stability. We are certified on all major suppliers and are fully trained and experienced in the design and installation of UTP, fiber optic, CATV systems, as well as various wireless product lines.

We are familiar with all media and transport types:

• UTP and STP networks (10BaseT,100BaseTx, ATM, Gigabit Ethernet)
• Fiber Optics
• Coaxial and fiber based RF (broadband) networks (CATV, Video Distribution)
• IEEE Certified for Cat 5e and Cat 6
• RCDD Certified
• Full AutoCAD capability for documentation projects
• Plenum-rated installation requirements for 24 hour healthcare institutions
• Government rated security networks
• Telephone cabling
• Wireless or microwave networks
• Backbone Distribution Cable - normally fiber, both single and multi mode. We are
  certified in Siemens/Corning products.
• Voice Cabling (Copper), we use both Category 3 and Category 5
• Data Cabling (Copper), we use both Category 5e and now Category 6
• Station Cabling (Voice/Data)
• Equipment Racks
• Trenching & Conduit
• Permits/Inspections
• C10 contractor – high voltage
• Fully capable of sizing, providing and installing UPS systems