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L Tech has a very high degree of focus on the security arena. We have been designing CCTV analogue surveillance systems for years, of course, and with the increased emphasis on security over the last several years – we have established ourselves as substantial engineering force for both traditional surveillance and access control systems.

Furthermore, we have become known for sophisticated IP based security schemas that converge with our historic skills in data networking.

The traditional security manufacturers have also seen the need for a firm that can help fold the traditional “island” of security of the past into a larger networking picture for global access to any point in time or geography. In these more complex and populated environments we have worked with large institutions to design and deploy many hundreds of cameras and access points, converge them into a local and remote IP networking environment and deliver real time video streams to multiple agencies concurrently.

This is created using secure “meshed” VPN tunnels, to distribute and manage the video and store the material in a remote repository. VPN technology and tunnel meshing represent extensions of network security that will play vital roles in sharing of critical data among authorities. This technology makes information readily accessible without compromising the integrity of the infrastructure of existing networks. It creates secure conduits and data paths that can immediately create access points from one-to-many or many-to-many for information exchange. Previous solutions required complex routing schemes that were vulnerable and hard to manage. Tunnel meshing and VPNs offer simple and secure features that are tied to the essence of the security policy on a network – the firewall.

This ability to merge the disciplines, skills and tools of the data arena with the needs and the equipment of the surveillance front is a unique skill, that we feel helps distinguish us from the “dealer” community the security industry has worked with historically and positions L Tech to take on any project of this nature, regardless of the size.