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Data Networking
Enginieering & Design
Wireless Communication
Project Management

Engineering and Design

We can design, implement and manage the entire scope of a project Our engineers are capable of designing powerful solutions based on the requirements of the large-scale end users in any of the data, voice or security disciplines.

We are versed in:

  • Large Systems Design and Engineering
  • IP Networking
  • Streaming Media Technology
  • VPN Tunneling and Meshing
  • Security - system, surveillance, card access
  • System Design
  • System Standards
  • System Simulation
  • System Test

  • Project Management and Field Engineering

    We have top-level Field Engineering expertise and experience.

  • Our field project managers are engineers with an understanding of data, voice and video networking.
  • They have had years of experience in deploying large scale projects with these characteristics.
  • They are well versed and experienced in Voice over IP solutions.
  • We have worked with streaming video technology for some years, as well and implemented in many network environments.
  • We understand how to use a legacy network to its optimum to support streaming video.
  • We understand the complexity and overhead of the application in a large deployment.

  • Infrastructure

    In wire, cable and fiber Installation and support services, Our team of certified technicians can meet any physical layer requirements:

  • Cabling (Copper), we use both Category 3 and Category 5
  • Cabling (Copper), we use both Category 5e and now Category 6
  • Fiber Optics. We are certified in Siemens' products.
  • Camera Mounting
  • Equipment Racks
  • Trenching & Conduit
  • Permits/Inspections
  • C10 contractor - high voltage
  • Fully capable of sizing, selling and installing UPS systems
  • Analog and Digital video transport
  • Headend signal processing
  • Optical Headend transport
  • RF Amplifiers and passives
  • Cable Modem Termination System
  • Analog and Digital Satellite Systems
  • RF Backbone installation and support
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • Combiners, Splitters, LNB and Antennas