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The L Tech team has over 75 years of combined voice engineering and consulting experience. Our in-depth knowledge of the voice and data industry allows us to perform every aspect of voice planning including but not limited to:

• Needs assessment • Systems analysis
• Vendor selection • Hardware and software selection
• Infrastructure planning • Construction
• Cable and Wiring • Traffic engineering
• Power and backup configuration • Fault tolerance
• Disaster recovery • Systems implementation
• Policy and procedure establishment • Service level agreement negotiations
• Training • Work order processing and order fulfillment
• Convergent Billing and internal chargeback • Fraud and abuse detection
• Auditing and vendor bill reconciliation • PUC regulatory issue
• Operations management • Ongoing systems support, and more

L Tech keeps current with all of the latest technologies that are available in the voice communications industry. As the industry moves towards voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) we stay current with all of the latest technologies and trends. Our expertise in both voice and data communications makes us well suited to the task. By combining our strengths, we are able to optimize the communications network to achieve optimal performance and the lowest cost of operation.

L Tech takes pride in our knowledge and ability to address not only the technical aspects of communications, but also the business side of the equation. Operational and financial goals both short and long-term are analyzed during the course of the work that we perform. From the analysis, we produce a recommended course of action and a preliminary project timeline along with a budget. We then work closely with the client to assure that all of their technical, operational, timeline, budgetary and business goals are being met. After adjustments are made, a detailed timeline with responsibilities is created and reviewed. Once the project is approved, all of the necessary resources are committed to the timeline from all sides. The project is then managed step-by-step with regular updates to identify any and all issues early on, so they can be addressed in a timely manner and assure the success of the project.

Our expertise also enables us to interface and integrate the voice and computing environments so that information from the voice, computing and other parts of the business are available from a single repository. We accomplish this goal, by identifying early on the key business elements that must be integrated to create a cohesive solution that will support the organization's needs over the long-run. L Tech's experience and professionalism assures the success of the venture from beginning to end and into the ongoing maintenance and operation of the network. We build a team environment that can change and grow with our customers year after year.